Denise's Notary Service is located at:

880 Valley Road Marysville, PA 17053. 

Open 7 days a week BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

I am a traveling notary Plus I work out of my home, so its important to please call for an appointment. 

717-957-4206 office or 717-503-5469 cell.

The following is a partial list of what my office can do;

Notarize Pennsylvania and Out-of-State Titles

ATV, Boats, Cars, Dirt Bikes, Jet Ski, Snow Mobile, Trailer, Truck, Van...

TRANSFER existing Vehicle Registration Plate/Tag to the New Vehicle (Spouse to Spouse, Parent to Son/Daughter and vice versa, however, NOT Friend to Friend). 

Call for more details.


*"New" Registration Plates/Tags are not handled in this office.


ATV, Boat, and Snowmobile Registrations can be Transferred to Purchaser regardless of relation to the Seller, unless it is going Out-of-State.


RENEW Vehicle Registrations and Print Card   


Acknowledgements, Affidavits, Deeds, Loan Documents, Power of Attorney Forms, Wills,.........


FAX Documents, Make Copies.......